Welcome to Mein Studios!

Your one-stop shop for the weird and the surreal, hosting ghosts, black holes, mysterious entities hellbent on stealing vinyl records, and everything in-between. Everything has a soundtrack, visuals, and a bunch of text; something for everybody!

The content is pretty varied, with all sorts of visuals like videos, images, and stories as well as music and even game mods.

Some notable creations by Mein Studios include:

-Fourth Dimension (The first original music release by Mein Studios and the first on the Mein Records label)

-The Africa Trilogy (Trilogy of joke albums, listener discretion is advised)

-Walbur Hotel (Surreal dark comedy webseries)

Who is in Mein Studios?

The current list of official members of Mein Studios as of November 17, 2019 is as follows:

-Mr. Nasty

-Toby Derrikson

-Super America 69


-Mr. Resident

-Frank Walbur


The list of Mein Studio's friends (collaborators that are not officially members) is as follows:


-Michael J.


-Heart Attack

-Josephi Krakowski

-Cletus Cup

A list of former members of Mein Studios is as follows:

-Terry C. (Removed for: Dead)

-The Captain (Removed for: Disappeared)

-Old Man (Removed for: dead, committed treason, tax fraud, tax evasion, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, legal terrorist, vandalism)

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